Smolensk or Jean Bart


If you are following the recent announcements from developers, you probably heard about other upcoming changes and that brings me to decisive argument on which ship to buy, if you went down here but still can’t decide…

There are actually 3 upcoming nerfs to Smolensk:

  1. IFHE re-work – This will affect Smolensk as well as all the other IFHE CLs basically you will either go without it and will rely on your fires as your main source of dmg or you will pick IFHE but your fire chance will be reduced by 50%. In case of Smolensk it is from 8% to 4%. This will definitely leave some impact but not the biggest one. (More about rework here)
  2. Armor changes – central part armor thickness will change for Smolensk from 30mm down to 16mm which is gonna greatly reduce her capability to bounce any shells, bigger than 229mm. Basically whole Smolensk will have 16mm armor except deck armor which will remain 30mm. Yes you will be still over-pened, but it will be even harder to but now any caliber of HE at that tier will pen you…
  3. Soviet-cruisers split – Upcoming Soviet cruiser line split to light (CL) and heavy (CA). Smolensk might be a good CL trainer but on the other hand it makes that ship less unique and who knows, a new tier X CL might be even better pick than Smolensk, though it will be bit different. (More about split here)

My conclusion is, if you are ready to accept future nerfs and you don’t mind being hated by players on the opposing side take Smolensk but..

Safer future-proof choice, better value, much more unique and skill developing ship is Jean Bart and I’d recommend to buy her over the Smolensk.

Oh and Jean Bart was actually a real ship (compared to Smolensk)
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