Smolensk or Jean Bart

Smolensk or Jean Bart

With just two months (Update 0.9.3) left to buy these ships in the Armory before they’ll be removed, which one should you get if you can’t get them both?

Tier X – Soviet Light Cruiser

Price: 244 000 Coal

Avg. Win rate: 49.73% (8th best CL/CA at TX)

Avg. Dmg: 80 592 (3rd best CL/CA at TX)


  • High rate of fire
  • Smoke
  • Fire chance + IFHE
  • Too light armor (plays in favor of survivability)
  • Low skill requirement
  • Def AA / Hydro
  • 8km, 2×5 torps


  • Lowest HP of CA/CL TX
  • Requires high-point commander for best results

Jean Bart
Tier IX – French Battleship

Price: 228 000 Coal / 64,14€ (EU)

Avg. Win rate: 51.76% (4th best BB at TIX)

Avg. Dmg: 80 038 (2nd best BB at TIX)


  • Main Battery Reload booster
  • Engine boost
  • Good maneuverability
  • Front facing turrets
  • Can go secondary yolo build
  • Good firing range


  • Squishy turrets
  • Prone to burn
  • Lowest HP of BB TIX

As you can see above, both ships are quite solid according to their stats (as of 02/2020) as well as they are interesting due to their specific features. Each one is great in what it’s intended to do. Unfortunately for someone without enough coal in reserves it might be a tough choice which one will be of a better value to buy. Let’s do a bit of math…

Do You have enough Coal?

Today, it is day before 0.9.1 release. Let’s assume, we have circa 60 days before 0.9.3. Let’s assume you are really “dedicated” and you are going to get yourself 3 daily containers and you’ll pick “More Resources” option each time. In the worst case scenario (1,200 Coal/Day), you are gonna get 72,000 Coal in 60 days, in the best case scenario (3,600 Coal/Day) you will get 216,000 Coal in 60 days. That is on average 144,000 Coal in 60 days. Buying these ships with resource ship ticket applied, you will miss 171,000 Coal for JB or 183,000 Coal for Smolensk. That means, even in the best case scenario (without Coal Super Containers, and Coal from events), you will still miss at least 27,000 Coal. If you don’t have even this reserve now, I’m sorry, you have to hope for a rare SC to drop or some other miracle. However, if you have enough coal, which ship should you get?

There is also another way, at least for now. If you don’t mind spending some money on ships, Jean Bart is out there in the premium shop available for little more than 64€. Get it for money and buy Smolensk for Coal. However, I can’t tell you, if it is worth that amount of money without feeling guilt…

Which one then?

Pick between cruiser/battleship – I believe – is of personal preference. If you’re strongly inclining to one class over the other, there is no question about which one to get. But if you are more like me and like to play all classes, read on…

If the ship class is not your deciding factor, then you should evaluate your in-game skill level. For those looking for something easier to play – go for Smolensk. Smolensk will provide you with many ways of aggressive/defensive play, thanks to Smoke/Hydro/Deff AA/Repair Party options. Damage numbers with Smolensk are skyrocketing since the first shell fired and it is easier to get more damage compared to JB, in the end, you are a light cruiser. But, before you will trigger that “Purchase” button, read a little further…

Jean Bart on the other hand, requires little more strategical and positional play. It is a great flanker with engine boost, great burst-damage dealer thanks to main battery reload booster and it can be tanky if positioned well.

Both ships are, for their roles one of the squishiest in the class. JB likes to burn a lot and her front facing turrets getting knocked out or completely destroyed, quite often. Smolensk has such a thin armor, that many BBs will over-pen through her without dealing lot of damage. Heavy and Super Heavy cruisers will tear Smolensk apart. While JB could go solo in some occasions, Smolensk is much more team-reliant ship. See my Verdict on the next page.

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