ShipsTalk Setting Sails

ShipsTalk Setting Sails

Why Podcast?

Do you also feel like there is a huge visual media craving for our attention these days?

There are so many great videos waiting for us to click that “Play” button, there are funny memes, articles and reviews of the stuff we like. However, sometimes we just have to look at the road, at that Excel sheet, or we just want to get rid off that annoying open-office noise.

Podcast is a great way to share the information, have some laughs and connect with like-minded people and at the same time allowing freedom to all our other senses. Sometime less is more…​

What is it about?​

As the name suggests, this site is dedicated mainly to ships. All kinds of ships. From the wooden planks floating in Archimedes’ bathtub, through exciting age of discovery and beautiful ships sailing the world oceans for the first time, to steel monsters patrolling supply routes during world wars. We will even take a look into the future where ships start to cross the universe.

Blend of history, video games and all kinds of hypotheses with a fair share of humor to guide you through your daily routines.

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