Lunar New Year 2020

Lunar New Year 2020

Year of the Rat is here! And with it – special offers, missions and rewards you should be paying attention to if you are playing World of Warships!

New & Returning Ships

  • Siliawngi – T8 Pan Asian Destroyer (Ognevoi copy with Hydro, quick Smoke cooldown, less DPM than Ognevoi and deep-water torps)
  • Bajie – T9 Pan Asian Battleship (Izumo copy with sigma of Yamato, improved Range, “Turtleback”, very sluggish, weak AA)
  • Wukong – T8 Pan Asian Cruiser (Charles Martel copy with deep-water torps, torpedo reload booster, no speed boost, no main battery reload booster)
  • Southern Dragon – T7 IJN Heavy Cruiser (Myoko copy as a premium ship with special, yellow themed camo)
  • Eastern Dragon – T7 IJN Heavy Cruiser (Myoko copy as a premium ship with special, blue themed camo)

From all of these ships I got only Southern Dragon so far, because that camo is in my opinion worth it and also Myoko is a very good T7 ship. Otherwise, buying Sothern/Eastern Dragon doesn’t make a lot of sense if you are not a collector or Eastern graphics fan.

For the rest of the ships, it seems like Bajie is the most popular and also possibly a best pick from these, however at a premium price of T9. Siliwangi is a good destroyer, however it seems like Loyang is a good alternative, if not superior with the slightly better gun DPM. Wukong is based on very good french ship – Charles Martel, however, loosing very strong consumables in favor of more situational ones.

ARP ships & Missions

WoWS Source

Shortly after the start of Lunar New Year comeback of ARP ships was announced. Starting with February 1st until the February 13th you have the unique opportunity to get 5 out of 9 available ARP ships for free by completing the mission chains in your Personal Assignments.

Missions can be done with Tier V or higher and are consecutive which means you will have to finish first mission chain before proceeding to another one. All ships available via missions will come with 3pts Commander with special looks (no other benefits). Following ships are obtainable via missions:

  1. mission chain – T5 ARP Hiei (Kongo copy, pink themed)
  2. mission chain – T5 ARP Kongo (surprise! Kongo copy, purple themed)
  3. mission chain – T5 ARP Haruna (Kongo copy, yellow themed)
  4. mission chain – T5 ARP Kirishima (Kongo copy, green themed) + T7 ARP Myoko (Myoko copy, purple themed)

Special commander Yotaroh (pink teddy bear) with 6pts is also available via mission by receiving 20 000 base XP.

Premium Shop

Rest of the ARP ships, namely ARP Haguro, ARP Ashigara, ARP Nachi all as Tier 7 Myoko copy, plus ARP Takao which is Tier 8 and basically the same as her sistership Atago, but with lovely ARP camouflage.

Besides beautiful camos, ARP ships also comes with unique smoke, torpedo and fire effects resembling anime style. Also note, if you buy ARP ships from premium shop, T7 will come with 10pts commander and T5 will come with 6pt commander.

I am definitely going to grind those ARP ships available through the mission chains, however even though I like their looks, I feel no urge to spend extra money on other tech-tree ship copies.

One more thing worth of mentioning is that you can now find Premium Lunar New Year containers available in the Premium Shop with a chance of dropping you premium pan-Asian ship including the new ones (Bajie, Siliwangi and Wukong), Lunar New Year permanent camo for one of pan-Asian premiums and other consumables/premium time.

You can read more about this event on the WoWS official site here.

Let me know, which ship you’ve got, which one you like or dislike and what did you grab from Premium Shop!

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