IFHE Tables

IFHE Tables

To take or not to take? That’s the question…

When it comes down to commander skills in World of Warships there is always heated debate. Inertia Fuse is a very controversial skill. For newcomers or people like me, who don’t memorize all the game numbers it is not easy to understand if taking this skill will or won’t benefit. In this post, I will give you straight answers without going too much into detail.

With the recent IFHE skill rework (more in ShipsTalk episode here) the calculation formula for penetration using IFHE changed to following:

Max Armor Penetration = Gun Caliber * 1/5 * 1.3

The trade-off for this improvement is reduction of HE shell base fire chance by 50%.

Some ships might do significantly better with IFHE, while for others it might be a straight-up downgrade. However, the point is to make this skill optional – further adding variety to your gameplay, not mandatory.

In the following tables, you can find all the current tech-tree and premium ships capable of taking IFHE commander skill. For obvious reasons, the Italian heavy and British light cruisers are not listed (they can’t use HE shells). There are some ships, that could potentially make use of IFHE but they are simply not meant to be shooting that often (for example IJN torpedo destroyers). Tables are looking at the specific ship, not at the whole tech-tree line. In fact, very few tech-tree lines benefit from IFHE since mid-tiers to top tier. So if you are grinding for Tier 10 I don’t recommend you taking IFHE at Tier 6 only to respec tier later. If you are however gonna keep that hypothetical Tier 6 with separate dedicated commander, then yes, take it!

Ships are separeted into 3 categories in terms of IFHE usefullness:

Not recommended



  • Not recommended” means there is no benefit, or it is better to keep the fire chance high, or the ship’s game-style is not focused on guns,
  • Optional” in most cases means it is useful only if you are top-tier (again, don’t take it into competitive), in the special case of Tier 10 ship it is truly optional and up to what player prefer – Alpha damage vs Fire chance.
  • Recommended” simply means that IFHE is your best bet and its benefits overweights any drawbacks considerably.

Tables are updated for WoWS version 0.9.4 (except some premiums)

Tables will be regularly updated

Wait, where are battleships?

Battleships are a special category as IFHE will not affect your main guns, but in several cases, it can improve penetration of your secondaries. Namely Massachusetts, Georgia, Bismarck, Tirpitz, Friedrich der Große and Großer Kurfurst could opt for IFHE, but in most cases, it will only help you pen lower tier ships. Forget about using IFHE on secondary builds in competitive (you should do that long ago anyway 😀 ).

Great source of information for these tables was LittleWhiteMouse’s forum post, together with the official World of Warships Wiki and player feedback on my Discord. Thank you!

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