Admiral Hipper

Final moments

Hipper in Drydock in Kiel, 1945

In the aftermath of the failed operation, a furious Hitler ordered German ships Admiral Hipper, Köln, and the destroyer Richard Beitzen to return to Germany where on 28th of February, Admiral Hipper was decommissioned in accordance with Hitler’s decree. There were attempts to repair the ship and commission it again into the operation, but as the war progressed and the allied forces got closer, RAF bombers managed to damage the ship severely during the harbor attack in Kiel on May the 3rd 1945 after which her crew decided to scuttle the wrecked ship. In July 1945, after the end of the war, Admiral Hipper was raised and towed to Heikendorfer Bay and subsequently broken up for scrap in 1948–1952.


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