About me

Who am I?​

I am just a friendly guy with an inquisitive mind and a great passion for technology.

Born at the dawn of Internet, my life started to revolve around consoles, computers and lots of video games. Soon I found out that video games together with my passion for History complement each other, blasting my fascination and imagination into the infinity. Living in a landlocked country I was always attracted to ships and their stories. Ships brought us to new discoveries, new continents and in the future, they might brought us to completely new worlds…

As I grew up I realized games not only helped me expand my imagination, understand and relive my “alternative time period” life, but also introduced me to like-minded people and communities. Nowadays I feel a huge joy in reaching for such people, sharing thoughts with them and just having a great time. In 2018 I started experimenting with live streaming, launching my Twitch Channel in early 2019, shortly following by YouTube channel and other social networks. Commuting to work is one of the parts throughout my day I love to fulfill with podcasts covering topics I like. Creating the podcast myself I am looking to transfer the interesting information and create a deep relationship with listeners.

So here I am, reaching for you to talk about our passion. Let’s have some Ships Talk!